Top 20 Lipstick Brands in India

Women love there lipstick. Their makeup kit is absolutely incomplete unless they include a lipstick that they like the most.

In this article we are giving you 20 most famous lipstick brands in India.

These lipsticks are quite famous in cosmetics brands and every woman knows about it.

The price of a lipstick depends upon the brand. Some offer their lipstick for lower price while others are offering very expensive.

Go through this list and choose one of your favorite brand.

Top 20 Lipstick Brands in India

1. Lakme

Lipstick Brand Names
Lipstick Brand Names

Lakme is the number one lipstick brand in India. It offers over lipsticks with 15 different shades like red, pink, brown etc.

The price of Lakme lipstick can start from Rs 225 and go up to Rs 700.

The brand is number one and the products are also good. The lipsticks from Lakme will totally fit in your budget.

2. Elle 18

ELLE 18 Lipstick Brand Names Famous in World

Elle 18 Lipstick Brands has over 18 different color shades. But 4 most popular shades are Rosy, Cranbery, Pink and rusty.

The best part of Elle 18 lipsticks is that they are very cheap. The cheapest is available only for Rs 120.

However, the lipstick is not very lasting and they wear off in just 3 to 4 hours.

3. Loreal Paris

Loreal Paris is perhaps the number one in the world but in India is less popular than Lakme.

The quality of LOreal Lipstick brand Names is better than any other lipstick brands in India . However, this comes with a price.

For just 4.2 gm of lipstick they charge you over Rs 1000.

They are available in 12 different shades.

4. Maybelline

Maybelline lipstick is lot cheaper than the Loreal Paris. You just pay Rs 325 for just 3.9 gm.

They come in 12 different colors which stays on your lips for over 4 to 5 hours.

Maybelline is the most available lipstick brands in India and its lipstick brands are Famous worldwide.

5. Revlon

Just like Loreal, Revlon is also very experience.

The starting price of a Revlon lipstick is over Rs 500 and the maximum price can be up to Rs 1000.

Revlon is available in 20 different shades. Even price is so high women still love to buy Revlon lipstick brand names.

6. Oriflamme

Oriflamme lipsticks can come in 10 different shades.

The price of Oriflamme lipsticks is quite low compared to Loreal and Revlon.

The price can start from Rs 250 and can go up to Rs 500/-

The quality of the lipstick is also quite good.

7. MAC

MAC has some great lipstick color to offer. But MAC is very expensive brand.

For just 3 gm of lipstick can cost over Rs 1450. However you can go for cheaper version that costs around Rs 400/-.
The most popular MAC lipstick in India is the Retro matte lipsticks. You can try MAC for 4 different shades.

8. NYX

Lipstick Brand Names
Lipstick Brand Names

NYX offers 10 different shades of lipsticks. The price can start from Rs 750 and go up to Rs 1450/-.

NYX Soft Matte Lip cream in Sao Paulo cost Rs 750 and the NYX Louisiana is for Rs 1450.

There are other lipsticks also that ranges between these two price ranges.

9. Chanel

Lipstick Brands in India
Lipstick Brands in India

As you know Chanel is one of the most popular fashion brands in the world.

The lipstick from Chanel are quite expensive. They offer 15 different shades.

Some of them are Le baiser, Amant, Orage, Gabrielle, Lune Rousse etc.

The most expensive lipstick from Chanel is Chanel Rouge Coco Shine that can cost around Rs 3400.

However you can buy its variant for lower price at Rs 1750.

10. Laura Mercier

Laura Mercier lipsticks are very expensive like Chanel.

The most expensive lipstick can be Rs 6500. The lowest price starts with Rs 1700.

Some of the best lipsticks are Crème Smooth, Sheer Lip, Haute Lips Full, Rouge, Luxurious etc.

11. Color Bar

Color Bar offers lipsticks in more than 29 elegant shades. The price of Colar Bar is also very affordable.

For example, the 4.2 gram lipstick costs only Rs 325 which is quite low compared to LOreal, Chanel or even MAC.

The lowest lipstick costs just Rs 250 and most expensive is just Rs 700.

12. The Body Shop

Body Shop is really great if your lip is very sensitive.

Body Shop lipsticks are really great for the Indian Skin.

They offer in 10 different shapes. Most of the lipsticks offered by Body Shop costs Rs 900/-

The best lipstick color is TBS Color Crush Red Siren and TBS Color Crush on Caramel.

13. Chambor

Lipstick Brand Names
Lipstick Brand Names

Chambor lipsticks are really great and very famous in India.

Some of the famous lipsticks offered by Chambor are Chambor Extreme Matte, Extreme Wear, Powder Matte, Orosa Lipstick, Moisture Plus and Silk Wrap Lipstick.

But the best one is Chambor Rouge Plump+.

Price of these lipsticks can start from Rs 695 and go up to Rs 1000.

14. Faces

Lipstick Brands in India
Lipstick Brands Names in India

What is the best thing about Faces Lipsticks?

The answer is it wears off after a long period of time. Other lipsticks wear off just after 4 hours however Faces Lipstick stays on for over 8 hours.

Faces lipsticks are very affordable and the most expensive one costs only Rs 550.

15. Lotus

Lipstick Brands in India
Lipstick Brands in India

Lotus is famous for its herbal lipsticks.

Some of the best lipsticks that you can find in the collection are Peach Crème and Pink Crush.

The price of Lotus lipsticks is very low and every one of you can afford it.

The price starts with Rs 250 and can go up to Rs 575 for 4.2 gram lipstick.

16. Bourjois

Lipstick Brands in India
Lipstick Brands in India

Bourjois lipsticks come in more than 10 shades.

Some of the most popular lipsticks are Bourjois Rouge Velvet, Bourjois Rouge edition, Bourjois Color Boost, Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick, Gloss Sweet etc.

Price range is from Rs 500 to Rs 1000. Bourjois lipsticks are more expensive compared to others in the list.

17. Rimmel

Rimmel lipsticks are quite cheaper than Chanel or Loreal lipsticks.

Lipstick Brands in India
Lipstick Brands in India

Matte Range lipsticks cost only Rs 250 each and moisture renew range are for Rs 500 each and color show off are only Rs 415.

You can easily afford Rimmel lipsticks for any given range.

The best one is Rimmel kate Moss Shade 5 Lipstick.

18. Street Wear

Lipstick Brands in India
Lipstick Brands in India

Street Wear lipsticks are the cheapest lipsticks in India.

The price starts with just Rs 132. Even though they are cheap Street Wear lipsticks are free from lead.

Some of the shades are foxy fantasy, Chic cappuccino, spell bound, pink passion etc.

The most expensive lipstick falls under Rs 400.

19. Estee Lauder

Lipstick Brands in India
Lipstick Brands in India

Although I should have mentioned Estee Lauder on the top but because of its price I am motioning down the list.

The company is well known and the lipsticks are also great.

However the price is very high and not everyone can afford it.

The lipstick can start from Rs 1700 and go up to Rs 3500.

But the lipstick range like Pure Color, Travel Exclusive, Envy Shine etc are all great.

20. Sugar

Lipstick Brands in India
Lipstick Brands in India

The final lipstick brand in our list is Sugar.

The most popular 4 shades of Sugar lipsticks are Scarlett o hara, Mary Poppins, Poison Ivy, Holly Golightly.

The lipsticks stays on for 4 to 5 hours and other qualities are also quite good.

The Sugar lipsticks are affordable and the most expensive lipstick is under Rs 750.

So this was the list of 20 most popular lipstick brands in India. I recommend you to visit their site and find out more about the pricing.

You will also get to know more shades that have added to their Lipstick brands.

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