Top 10 Home Automation Companies in India

Before I tell you about top 10 home automation companies, you need to know what home automation is and how it is important for your home.

Home Automation Companies in India
Home Automation Companies in India

Home Automation allows home owner to live a comfortable, reliable, efficient and relatively safe environment in the home with your entire family. Home automation is not like manufacturing automation as it does not allow making widgets faster.

Home automation technology allows you to achieve a desired lifestyle through organized control of your entire home. You can control climate, connectivity, entertainment etc.

Benefits of Home Automation

Now let us look at some of the benefits of home automation companies and their technology.

  • Climate: Gives total control for your heating and air conditioning systems. Temperature could be altered according to the time of the day, in morning, in afternoon and in night.
  • Lighting: It gives total control over increasing and decreasing brightness of your light according to the ambiance. In day time it will be different than in night.
  • Security: Alarm system protects you from any outside invasion or burglary.
  • Entertainment: All your digital gadgets in the home could be synchronized by it.

Similarly there are many other features not mentioned above.

Ranking System: We ranked companies on the basis of their popularity on the Internet and the Alexa Ranking.

Here are top 10 home automation companies in india you should know about:-

1. Eaton

Electrical and Industrial | Power management solutions | Eaton
  • Establishing Year: Eaton is in the business since 2005 with over $20 billion in assets and 160,000+ employees in 150+ countries
  • Products and Services: Security control systems, Home Heartbeat
  • Installed System Price: Over $5000
  • Corporate Office: USA
  • Website:

2. Leviton

Leviton - Wikipedia
  • Establishing Year: Leviton is operational since 1979 with 6500 employees in 80 different countries
  • Products and Services: Dimmers, racks, scene controllers, timers, sensors etc. Product is Vizia RF + DHC
  • Installed System Price: $5K – $25K
  • Corporate Office: NY, USA
  • Website:

3. Crestron

Crestron Audio-Visual Conferencing and Key Code Media
  • Establishing Year: Crestron operating since 1969
  • Products and Services: V Panel, Adagio, Isys, Digital Media, RoomView
  • Installed System Price: $25,000 to $100,000
  • Corporate Office: LA, California, USA
  • Website:

4. Control 4

Control4: Cedia 2019 - RIB AV
  • Establishing Year: Company was established in year 2003
  • Products and Services: Home Automation, Control 4, Sony (limited), 4Sight, Controllers, interfaces, lighting, climate, security
  • Installed System Price: $1000 to $50,000
  • Corporate Office: California, USA
  • Website: www.crestron.com

5. Vera

  • Establishing Year: Vera is in the business since the year 2008.
  • Products and Services: Security, Climate, energy, lighting, Main product is Vera
  • Installed System Price: More than $5000
  • Corporate Office: Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Website:

6. Schneider Electric

  • Establishing Year: Schneider electric started its operation in year 2006
  • Products and Services: Automation and Control services, Main home automation product is Clipsal
  • Installed System Price: $5000 to $25,000
  • Corporate Office: USA
  • Website:

7. Vantage Control

  • Establishing Year: Vantage control was founded in the year 1986
  • Products and Services: In Fusion, Radio Link, Enspire, Scene Point, Wire Link
  • Installed System Price: $20,000 to $25,000
  • Corporate Office: Utah, USA
  • Website:

8. AMX

  • Establishing Year: AMX company started operating in the year 1982.
  • Products and Services: Distributed audio & video, automated doors, entryways, security camera surveillance, remote access, multiple lighting system, intercom communication etc. Products are AMX Home, Modero, NetLinx
  • Installed System Price: $25,000 to $100,000
  • Corporate Office: Dallas, Texas, USA
  • Website:

9. iControl Networks

  • Establishing Year: iControl Networks was started in 2006.
  • Products and Services: Interactive Home security, energy management, home healthcare
  • Installed System Price: $5000 to $10,000
  • Corporate Office: Redwood City, California, USA
  • Website:

10. Elan Home Systems

  • Establishing Year: Elan home systems started operating in 1989
  • Products and Services: Touch Controls, multi-room controllers, automation and integration, video systems, communication systems, entertainment systems, amplifiers etc. Some of the products are Via!, Ole, g! Other brands are ATON, BlueBOLT, Furman, Niles, Panamax, Proficient, SpeakerCraft etc
  • Installed System Price: $5000 to $25,000
  • Corporate Office: CA, USA
  • Website:

These are the Details of Top 10 Home Automation Companies in India

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